Every new skill you learn…

… doubles your chance of success. That’s advice from Scott Adams’ book, How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big. It’s beautiful and simple advice – and one of the best endorsements for learning I’ve ever heard. What is ‘success’? It doesn’t matter; new skills will get you there. What kind of ‘skills’? Who knows… though I wouldn’t pick them randomly.

It’s all part of what Scott Adams calls a Talent Stack. Adams is best known for being the cartoonist behind Dilbert. He says that one way to achieve success is to be the absolute best in the world at something. For most of us, that isn’t happening, so the winning strategy is to become good at many things and find the overlap.

His career is a strong example of this. By his own admission, he’s not a great artist – though he’s good enough. He’s funny, but not hilarious. His writing skills are solid, as are his business skills. Add hard work and a willingness to take risks and you have success – incredible success that would be impossible without all of these skills.

Every new skill doubles your chance of success. Is this literally true? I doubt it. But let’s pretend that it is. What would happen when you learn a new skill every month? After a month, your chances of success have doubled; after three months, they’ve gone up eight-fold.

After a year, you’d be over 4000 times more likely to succeed.

What would you be willing to do to increase your chances this much?

What kind of things can you learn in a month? You could probably spend a year or more dedicated to communication. Business writing is different from marketing – you probably should know both, don’t you think? Graphic design is communication and so is public speaking. What about techniques for engaging emotions, using metaphors and standing out for the crowd? This list took me 20 seconds to think of and would take over half a year to learn.

There is always a lot you can learn. Most of it, you can learn quickly (after all, you don’t need to be an expert in everything). This is why the courses at Mindwalker Training are designed to be fast and effective. The ability to add new skills is the only skill that matters. Use it, train it, develop it. Don’t wait til 2017. Get started now.

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