What is purpose?

I’m not sure that it helps to think about your life’s purpose.

I mean, maybe it does. Maybe it has helped you or someone you know live a more satisfying life. Following your life’s purpose is, almost by definition, worthwhile. Even spending a lifetime figuring out that purpose is probably worthwhile.


But your life’s purpose could easily be a trap. After all, you change and grow as a person, don’t you? What drives you today may be eclipsed by something else tomorrow.

The world is changing every day. You might solve your life’s purpose at age 25 – then what? New technology or trends might throw up a new, more meaningful challenge – do you pursue it?

People used to have careers for life. Now, people change careers every few years. To be still is to stagnate. Why would your life’s purpose be any different?

The question of your life’s purpose is too big for most of us. If you think you know it, great. If not, then dial it back a little bit.

What is your hour’s purpose?

Seriously. What is the meaning of this hour? What are you meant to be doing with your time, right now? Forget tomorrow. Forget later today. What is your calling for this hour, right now?

I’m not sure if that’s an easier question to answer or a harder one. If it is harder, it might be mainly from lack of practice. Many people spend a lot of time thinking about what their life is for – how many people ask the same question, focusing on right now?

Linking the present moment to your philosophy of life is a good habit to get into. And you know how to build good habits now. [See? There is a method to my madness – each themed month leads into the next].

You can do a lot with an hour. You can clean a house or fill it with groceries. You can fill a child’s mind with knowledge and heart with laughter. You can do the same to an adult’s. You can share a meal with a loved one. You could exercise, meditate or take a nap.

Which would be the best use of your precious hour?

Now, let’s think a little bigger. If you can do a lot with an hour, what can you do with a year? What is your 2017’s purpose?

Is there anything you want to do with your life that you can’t? Maybe you need more time, money, skills, freedom – something you can’t acquire right away. Is this thing that you want your 2018’s purpose? It doesn’t hurt to start thinking about it now. And preparing.

This is the way out of the trap. You can think about your life’s purpose, that thing you’ll do one day. You have bills to pay now but once those are done, you will get right on that. Yep. Any moment now.

Focus on the moment that is now and you’ll think about it differently. When you realise that you either use this moment or lose it, things seem more urgent. Life is a long time – until it isn’t. A moment is always fleeting.

What is the purpose of today?

Forget your life’s purpose for a minute.

What is the purpose of this moment?

This post is part of Purpose Month over at Mindwalker Training. Join in the conversation – you never know what you’ll learn.

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