Creative Thinking for Teams may be quick, but it will unlock your creativity and transform the way your team operates. This is some of the best training your team you can do.


This course will not only give you new, creative thinking skills, it will also tackle a problem facing your team. There’s no time wasted with this course – everything supports your organisation’s goals.

To complete this course, you will need:

  • One copy of the Creative Thinking for Teams: Facilitator Guide (paperback; Kindle)
  • One copy of the Creative Thinking for Teams: Participant Guide per participant (free download)
  • One copy of the Creative Techniques Handout per participant (free download)
  • Two-to-five hours over a few weeks. Yes, that’s all!

Try the course today. Your team will never be the same.

One last thing. Although it isn’t required, I can recommend the book Your Creative Brain. Some of the questions in the Participant Guide refer to the CREATES model of creative thinking. To learn more about CREATES and how to use it to boost your creativity, buy the book today.

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