This course consists of eight modules:

  • Introduction
  • Defining the problem
  • Researching the data
  • Imagining possibilities
  • Designing the solution
  • Experimenting
  • Case study: This Course
  • Where to from here?

I recommend that you complete these in order, as each module builds on the last. Of course, if you would like to skip to a module that interests you, please do so.

It can be helpful to know what you will learn in this course. The learning objectives identify what you will be able to do by the end of this course. The learning objectives for Design Process Thinking are:

  • Describe the design process as a process that enhances decision making;
  • Define each step of the design process model;
  • Explain the importance of each step in the design process model and how they support each other;
  • Apply and analyse techniques such as 5WH questioning to defining a problem;
  • List potential sources of information for the design process;
  • Research a given topic and summarise the results;
  • Identify strategies to ensure idea generation techniques are properly used;
  • Develop and analyse solutions to a given problem;
  • Identify an appropriate approach for assessing a solution.

Don’t worry if that looks a little daunting. We’ll work through it one bit at a time.

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Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Defining the problem
Module 3: Researching the data
Module 4: Imagining possibilities
Module 5: Designing the solution
Module 6: Experimenting
Module 7: Case study: This Course
Module 8: Where to from here?

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