This is the step where you start thinking about solutions. Up until now, you’ve defined the problem and researched information. Here is where you let your imagination loose.

The purpose here is to come up with ideas. At least one of these ideas will make it to the next step. For now, though, quality beats quantity – more ideas are better than a few.

These ideas will draw on the information gathered from the research. They will also link back to the defined question. Together, these narrow the scope of all possible solutions.

This module covers techniques for generating ideas. As such, these techniques are among the most valuable things you can learn.

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Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Defining the problem
Module 3: Researching the data
Module 4: Imagining possibilities
Module 5: Designing the solution
Module 6: Experimenting
Module 7: Case study: This Course
Module 8: Where to from here?

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