What are some rules or tips that people should follow when using brainstorming or nominal group technique?

Brainstorming works best when everyone gets a chance to contribute. Sometimes, louder people can control the conversation. This prevents valuable ideas from surfacing.

As the video says, all ideas should be accepted (at first). Every participant needs to feel comfortable contributing ideas, even bad ones. Why do you want to encourage all ideas? Well, sometimes the best ideas arise from combining two ideas, or one person adding to another person’s idea. Another reason is that often the best ideas aren’t the ones that come first to mind. Encouraging all ideas lets people dig deeper and find stranger answers to the problem.

Nominal group technique works best when everyone thinks about the problem individually. This allows a range of ideas to come together during the presentations. Again, often the best idea is one that combines two or more other ideas.

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Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Defining the problem
Module 3: Researching the data
Module 4: Imagining possibilities
Module 5: Designing the solution
Module 6: Experimenting
Module 7: Case study: This Course
Module 8: Where to from here?

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