There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to brainstorming. Some might work better than others, but the key is to come up with as many ideas as you can. A longer list will probably have better ideas and worse ideas than a shorter one.

Only when you have finished brainstorm do you pick which ones are the best. Judgement is always the last step.

Let’s try out brainstorming again. This time, you want to think of activities you could include in your birthday party. Use the defined problem as a guide – in my case, I talked about a road trip and theme parks. What else could I include? Some ideas include visiting natural wonders or going to a nice restaurant along the way.

Brainstorm a list of ten activities your party could include. Post them in the comments below and see what other people came up with. Which of your ideas is the best? Do anyone else’s ideas appeal to you?

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Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Defining the problem
Module 3: Researching the data
Module 4: Imagining possibilities
Module 5: Designing the solution
Module 6: Experimenting
Module 7: Case study: This Course
Module 8: Where to from here?

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