So, you’ve completed the cycle. You defined the problem, investigated it and thought of solutions. You then tested one of these solutions, first against reality, then against the people using it.

Are you done? The good news is: no, you are not done. There is still plenty of opportunity for improvement.

You’ve answered one question. That’s never where it ends. The question you chose to answer was one of many. In answering it, you came up with many more questions.

So, start again. Pick another question and tackle it.

Here’s the best thing: this time, it will be a little bit easier. You have a lot of experience with each step. You know where the good research resources are. You know about the strengths and weaknesses of your creative thinking style. Developing and experimenting will run that little bit smoother.

The question might be harder or easier, but you’re better at answering it. And you’ll keep getting better, the more you think like this. So get started on the next question. If you get stuck, refer back to this course. Keep trying until you find your solution.

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Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Defining the problem
Module 3: Researching the data
Module 4: Imagining possibilities
Module 5: Designing the solution
Module 6: Experimenting
Module 7: Case study: This Course
Module 8: Where to from here?

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