I have bombarded you with information so far. If you haven’t come across these ideas before, your head might be spinning. Either way, this is your chance to practice.

Here are a few questions you can use to test yourself on these techniques. Applying the techniques to this content will give you some practice. Later, you can take what you learned to use on your own courses. For now, let’s lock this material into your mind.

  1. What are the key ideas from this guide?
  2. Recall the definitions of these key ideas.
  3. Can you mentalise any of the more abstract concepts? For example, how do you think of interleaved practice? Is it like a series of chunks that have been mixed together, or something else?
  4. Do you associate any of these ideas together?
  5. Go for a walk, run or bike ride to somewhere new. Find somewhere comfortable to sit. Repeat Q1-Q4 in this new environment.
  6. Wait a few days. Repeat Q5.
  7. Are any of these ideas not sticking with you? If so, congratulations: you have an opportunity to improve. If you recall and understand all the key ideas, then apply them during your next study session.

Thank you for reading this. It’s awesome that you have a commitment to self-improvement, to going that little bit further. I trust that I have been some help in that matter. Keep that enthusiasm for self-improvement with you – it will take you far in life. In the meantime, I will simply say:

Good luck (not that you need it!)


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