Hello friends,

Give me enough time and I will learn everything. I love learning new things, to the point where I have to be smart about it.

(I would need to retire now to study everything I wanted. Limited time forces compromises).

If you combined everything I’m studying into one course, it would be an amazing blend of psychology, sociology, health, finance, success, rationality and creativity. In other words, a recipe for winning. One day, I will design a course like this. First, I have to learn it.

I haven’t forgotten about Mindwalker, but this new workload takes some adjusting. I have it all worked out, so expect more activity from me over the next few months.

New Courses

No new courses this month. That’s okay, since the course catalogue looks pretty full these days. Take the time to catch up on any courses you haven’t done yet.

New Blog Posts

February’s theme was BODY. What does that have to do with learning? It’s a great question. The body is an extension of the mind… or maybe body and mind are the same thing in the end? One thing I can say is that learning takes place beyond the brain.

Book Recommendations

How you stand changes how you feel.

No one can doubt that the body influences the mind after reading Amy Cuddy’s Presence. It is a pleasant read packed full of awesome research, practical tips and moving anecdotes. Everyone knows that we stand differently when we are confident. Our chin raises, our posture straightens and we take up more space around us. The premise of the book is that the reverse is also true – by standing up straight and taking up more space, we feel more confident. Like how faking a smile makes you happier.

It’s a simple idea. What’s great about the book is that it reinforces the point with scientific studies and stories, alternating between the facts and the emotions. You can’t doubt the premise for long. The rest of the book shows how to apply this to your own life.

Tough days at work don’t faze me. I can get by after a bad night’s sleep. If I have a bad day, it’s almost always because I neglected the exercises in this book. Yes, it is that powerful.


When life is this full, every day is a gift. I can’t wait to see what March brings, as we explore the theme of BRAIN. Check out mindwalker.co because life is richer when you enrich it.

William Batten
March, 2017