Hello friends,

I thought January was going to be a slow month for the site. I spent the first half of it travelling. Then I needed to find my feet and remember how to type. How much could I do it half a month while relearning the basics?

As it turns out: quite a lot. This is what happens when your actions align with your purpose – you find a way.

New Courses

This month saw the launch of my TPE Tools: everything you need to evaluate your training programs. This course (well, it’s more of a guide, but you learn by working through it so I think the label fits) is both concise and flexible. There are three-day seminars on evaluations that offer less help than my guide does. The templates and notes cover almost every case you’ll encounter as a training developer, making it quick and painless to learn the strengths, weaknesses and value of your courses.

On the topic of simple, effective advice – I also launched Study Skills. Every learner struggles at some point; the bad news is that many of them blame themselves. I developed this course to remind learners that learning is a skill. Like all skills, it can be developed by the right sort of practice. Work with your brain and it feels like your IQ has doubled; working against it is like thinking through molasses.

New Blog Posts

On the theme of Purpose, I talked about taking the pressure off and focusing more on the moment. Forget what you can do with your life – what can you do with your time, right now?

I practiced a new marketing skill in my TPE blog posts. My aim was to practice building hype by chaining blog posts to increase the tension. Did it work? I’m not sure. But it was fun, and I can see it working with the right product and a bit more refinement. One more skill I’m adding to my Talent Stack, I suppose.

I wrote about The Problems with eLearning (and how to fix them). The digital technology that sites like Coursera and Pluralsight use is incredible. What’s so surprising is that the mental technology – techniques for ensuring the content sticks – is so neglected. I talked about what works, what doesn’t and how to bridge the gap.

Book Recommendations

If you found Study Skills intriguing and want to learn more, I recommend Make it Stick (Brown, Roediger, McDaniel). They explore the latest science around learning (including things like interleaved practice and delayed repetition), as well as offer advice for teachers, coaches and students. A useful read for anyone involved in learning anything.

People that have read Launch (Walker) may recognise the technique of building hype I described above. It’s an entertaining book about how to launch products and make lots of money, even if I haven’t succeeded on that front yet. It’s worth the read if only for an intuitive and interesting take on digital marking.


What an incredible start to 2017 we’ve had. I don’t know about you but I’m hungry for the future right now. Check out mindwalker.co, where the theme for February is BODY.

William Batten
February, 2017