Hello friends,

This is the first update of Mindwalker Training. It’s been an exciting month. It’s so satisfying to see on the screen what has only been in my head.

This month’s theme has been Creativity. This site started as a bright idea I had in response to setbacks. You only struggle with poorly designed eLearning for so long – then you realise you can do better. So you do. And it all starts with an idea that comes in a flash.

Creativity is a topic I’m passionate about. Although Mindwalker Training is young, it’s already teeming with ways to boost your creativity. There’s Creative Thinking for Teams, one of the most efficient creative thinking programs out there. A few hours over two or three weeks is all it takes for your team to reach the next level. I revealed its secrets in the blog post series on Creativity. Of course, we can’t forget about The Creative Roleplayer, an expert guide to building and running tabletop games.

Innovation makes the world go round. The world is teeming with challenges and opportunities. Only those who embrace their creativity will thrive in this new era. Make sure you are among them.


New courses

Design Process Thinking – this course teaches you a powerful and effective way of tackling problems. You will learn problem-solving techniques in a fun and accessible way, and the memorable lessons will stay with you. Design process thinking leads you in the right direction, no matter how big the problem, while clarifying your thinking and showing your work. Learn a whole new way to chase opportunities today.

Creative Thinking for Teams – learn to unleash your team’s creative potential with these quick but effective exercises. For a fraction of the time other courses take, your team will not only learn new thinking styles but also develop a creative solution to one of your most challenging problems.

The Creative Roleplayer – this guide is for those of you who are hungry for more. Whether a Player or a Game Master, this guide will elevate your game to the next level. Rich with simple, practical advice, it will transform the way you do everything. This system-neutral advice works with D&D, Pathfinder, FATE, GURPS and many more.



New blog posts

The Creativity series talks about innovation as a skill you can learn.

Why Focus Creates Success – the advantages for an organisation that place one value above all others. To see how obsession can lead to success, read the story of how Alcoa transformed itself by focusing on employee safety.

Learn to learn or… – the term ‘learning organisation’ is thrown around a lot. Read about what learning organisations are and learn how they are the most successful organisations in the world.


Book recommendations

Your Creative Brain, by Shelley Carson – I adore this book. Carson takes you through the CREATES model – a neuroscience-based analysis of the different styles of human creativity. Even better, Carson includes activities to assess and develop your own creative thinking. It’s a must-read for all people with an interest in innovation and how it works.

Like all techniques for categorising people, everyone has at least a little of each trait. But I found it both accurate and useful to see where my strengths are – and where my weaknesses are. I convinced my colleagues to assess their own thinking style with this and they found it helpful too. Knowing your team’s mix (and blindspots) highlights where things could go wrong in the future.

For life advice from a guy who has lived, read Choose Yourself by James Altucher. There’s a wealth of information in there, including a simple habit that will send your creativity skyrocketing.


It’s been a thrilling month. Here’s to the next one, whose theme is HABITS. Join in the conversation at Mindwalker Training. In the meantime, stay safe and learn well.

William Batten

November, 2016

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